12 Common Objections #9: “I'm Too Busy”

Of all the objections you might hear, this one is one of the most preferable, because it's not about the policy you're selling or you, per se, but it's simply about the customer's schedule.

So how do you deal with it? Simply work with that schedule.

Ask, “When would be a better time to call back/contact you?” Make yourself available to be able to talk to that customer within that time frame. Bend over backwards to accommodate your customer.

If you want to be more aggressive, try to get them to continue by saying it will only take a few minutes. Stress that you know how valuable their time is and that you will make it as quick as possible for them.

If you get any kind of pushback, stop pushing, and just ask what would be a good time to start the conversation where you left off.

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