The future of insurance marketing

Customers want more from their insurance products and services now than they ever have in the past, and this desire will shape insurance marketing in the future.

It's not enough just to be the neighborhood insurance agent with the office closest to the customer's home. It's not enough to simply have a big company's name on the sign outside your office. It isn't enough to have been in your community for a dozen or two dozen years. Even in this new tougher economy, it's not even enough to outright have the lowest price in order to excel at insurance marketing.

It's about being the total package for the customer and fitting that customer's specific insurance needs. It's about filling a niche and clicking with a customer not only in terms of the products you sell and the service you provide but also with your personality and reputation in the community you serve.

Customers have seemingly infinite resources now at their fingertips to find out who they're buying from, who else is out there and what agencies might best fit their very specific lifestyles. They can check in with friends on social networking sites and read reviews on business review sites to see just what sort of insurance-marketing businesses they'll be dealing with.

In short, customers are no longer just looking for businesses they see in TV ads or in their newspaper or on a billboard every day when they drive to work. They want to give their business to people they think are like them, people who won't only sell them what they want but understand why they're buying it, know how they'll use it and can inform them of the best ways to use the product to further their goals.

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