Give and Receive: The Benefits of Volunteering

As a local insurance agent, you are one of the thought leaders in your community, so it shouldn't be surprising that other community members come to you when they are looking for someone who can volunteer at an event. Maybe you’ve said no to these opportunities in the past because you were too busy, but you should consider making time for it. Volunteering, after all, offers numerous benefits you may not be aware of. When new chances arrive in the future – and they will – here are three reasons why you should say yes:

  1. Volunteering is good for your business.

Advertising and marketing your agency can be frustrating. The costs are often expensive, and it's often difficult to measure the effectiveness and success of your marketing messages. Volunteering, however, provides you with a unique alternative. It allows you the opportunity to show your commitment to your community by getting out there and pitching in. You’ll have the chance to meet several community members you haven’t met before and each one is a potential client. Meanwhile, you will make a favorable impression on your existing clients, as they may be volunteering on the same project and see that their project is important to you as well.

Volunteering is a great public relations opportunity and, best of all, it’s free. All you need to donate is your time, and the successes of your volunteer effort can even be used in future marketing messages.

  1. Volunteering is good for your community.

As a local insurance agent, you have a vested interest in the growth of your community. What better way to support that growth than to volunteer and be a part of it? If the elementary school needs help running the annual track championship, get out there and set up the hurdles. If Habitat for Humanity is building a home in your town, grab a hammer. If the local shelter needs help serving a holiday meal, don a hairnet. Lending your time and expertise to volunteer opportunities in your community will make it stronger in the long run.

  1. Volunteering is good for you.

No matter your weakness, you can probably find a volunteering opportunity to help with your personal growth.

If you’re shy and have trouble meeting new people, getting involved in a volunteering project is a great way to overcome these challenges. You’ll meet several new people, all while working on the same project. This means your goal is focused on the task at hand, not on face-to-face introductions, which makes meeting people easier for everyone. This is a great way to build new connections while minimizing the stress that often comes with it.

If you’re looking to become more adept at handling tools or taking care of your yard, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or a community gardening project. You’ll learn through doing, and both opportunities offer a great way to get the tools in your hands while surrounding yourself with professional advice.

Finally, if you simply want to feel good about yourself, volunteer at the local school. Whether you read to children or act as a chaperone on a field trip, you’ll feel better about the positive impact you’ll have had on the next generation.

What are you waiting for?

Communities across the United States rely on volunteers to bring projects to life that would otherwise lack the support they need. Your community is no different. If you’re looking for list of projects with which you can help, contact the local newspaper or visit the local community center to find out what’s going on in your area and where you can volunteer. Your job, your community and your life will be better off for doing so.

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