Insurance marketing: Keeping in touch

There are lots of reasons why it's important to take notes when you speak with a customer or prospect about their insurance needs.

For example, you make a follow-up call and ask the prospect, an older woman, if she had the chance to talk over the policy with her husband, only to be reminded that she already told you on the first call that her husband passed away six months ago. You can kiss that sale goodbye.

In another example, the prospect has to re-explain everything he told you on the first call because you keep getting all the details wrong in your recollection. Say goodbye to that sale too.

Remember not to go overboard with your follow-ups. Wait at least a few days between each follow-up call. That way, you keep yourself on the customer's mind without being a nuisance.

Sometimes agents will use email templates as a standardized tool in their insurance marketing to facilitate their follow-ups with customers. That's fine, but the most successful agents always personalize the emails they send.

Leave an area at the top of your template to include some personal information about your client and a recap of the last time you talked. A personalized message will make any email more worthwhile to a customer.

But personalized messages aren't all you should be sending--email newsletters you send to every client who agrees to it, and even some of your industry colleagues, can really get people involved in your agency and make them feel like they're a part of your team.

Your newsletter can also let customers know about new offers and initiatives that may benefit them and bring them into your office for a re-evaluation of their policies.

These newsletters can be a good way to get information out to a lot of interested parties including customers, peers, local business leaders and others.

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