Reasons to Start Using Social Media Now

You'll gain trust. Customers will see you as a real person rather than simply a salesperson if you become a part of their online communities and engage them.

Customers will be more loyal. If a client feels a real connection with you and your agency, they're less likely to jump to a competitor who comes along offering a lower price or some gimmick.

You can address negativity. Often, unsatisfied customers will turn to their social networks to vent their frustrations. Many businesses including Southwest Airlines, H&R Block, Dell and Zappos have used the power of Twitter and other social media tools to directly respond to customers with complaints and try to work out their concerns. You can use the same technique to make a frustrated customer into an advocate for your business, while gaining some good PR in the process.

Your brand will grow. People will start to know your agency and your personal brand. With some effort, lots of people in your targeted customer base who had never heard of you before will get to know your agency as more and more people talk to you and about you.

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