Insurance leads: Meet your community

Successful insurance agents are involved in their communities and therefore discover profitable opportunities to meet potential insurance leads.

Have you considered these possibilities?

Go to local networking events. There's a lot to be gained from making connections at various events in your area where businesspeople of all stripes get together to trade business cards, schmooze and maybe have a meal. It's never a bad thing to let people in your community, especially other business owners, know that you're out there too and appreciate their insurance leads.

Who knows? You might even convince someone to come in for a meeting or to tell his or her own customers about the service you provide. At the very least, you'll get to know the other people doing business around you, and they'll get to know you, so that when the time comes for those folks to name a local insurance agent, you'll be the name that hits their lips.

Get involved in your area's chamber of commerce. One of the best ways to network with the most prominent businesspeople in your city and the surrounding areas is to start attending meetings of your local chamber of commerce--either the larger one or smaller sub-chambers if your area has them.

Maybe even consider becoming an officer. It will show your commitment to your community and cement you as an important member of your local business community. Plus, you'll get to see first-hand what's going on in your area in terms of economic development, which can be a big boon for your agency.

For instance, if a new manufacturing plant is coming to your town and with it lots of people moving in from outside the state, that means plenty of potential customers are headed your way, all with similar needs you can be there to help them with.

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