Independent Agent Advantage #1: Freedom of Choice

Starting with this post we'll be looking at some advantages to being either a captive or an independent insurance agent.

Today, we start with one of the main benefits of being an independent agent: The freedom to offer quotes from multiple sources.

As an independent agent you are free from strict regulations and rules that usually come with working solely for a parent company; in fact, the average independent agent represents as many as eight different providers. Independent agents can also cross-sell into other lines of insurance, adding to their sales potential. And instead of being able to offer only one product and one quote from one provider to your customer, you gain more appeal to customers by being able to offer several different packages. In this way, you can help your customer better find a package that satisfies all of their needs.

Having this freedom allows you to offer the most competitive rates, giving you an edge over captive agents. And for many consumers, the issue they're most concerned about is cost. If you can offer the lowest rate for a quality policy, that's half the battle to closing the lead.

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