2 Error and Omission Tips for Social Media

Perhaps the biggest question businesspeople have is what risks are inherent in participating. ? Are you leaving yourself open to lawsuits by using such sites? Is it possible you could be violating any ethics codes or breaking any laws by what you say?

Follow these guidelines and you should be protected from harm while using social media to boost your agency.

Know and Obey Specific Site Rules. Most social networking sites have privacy policies and/or user agreements that very clearly lay out all the things that they allow and do not allow. Among the things most do not allow are spamming users, sending harassing messages, claiming to be someone you aren't and having multiple accounts. Carefully read these policies to ensure that you are using the site to specifications.

Be Aware of the Possibility of Defamation. Much like print or broadcast media, social media and blogs can be fertile territory for defamation, especially when it comes to commercial or advertising speech. Consult with an attorney to make sure what you're saying is fair and will not be considered defamatory.

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