8 New Strategies for leaving a voicemail

So you go to call a lead and ….. you get a voicemail, what do you do from here? Are people not calling you back? Do you feel leads are “dead” or “wasted” because you have only been able to leave a voicemail? This can be a common problem that newer agents have with internet leads, but the agents who are seeing long term success are not only make frequent outgoing calls, they get clients to call them back! Try these proven tips that I have sourced from agents successfully using Insuranceagents.com lead service.

1. Don’t leave your price on the phone! This allows the person to make a snap judgment based on price alone without guidance on why your policy would benefit them more than a competitor.

2. Let them know you will call back! Tell them the next time you plan on calling with the number that will show on their caller ID and the frequency. If someone isn’t interested they are going to let you know so they wont receive any more calls and you can move on to the next interested party. If a prospect doesn’t answer unknown numbers this will alleviate the fear of picking up the phone.

3. Stress time! These are internet shoppers, tell them you just need a few more bits of info and it wont take long. Use “brief”, “quick”, “Swift”, and “fast”

4. Don’t leave a long winded message! Your sales pitch is something to be saved for when you have a consumer on the phone, divulging all your information without listening to the specific needs of a client wont benefit you or the prospect.

5. Stress quality! Mention that the limited information provided on a quote form isn’t going to get a full picture of what would be most beneficial, stress your expertise in customizing a policy to fit their life.

6. Let them know this can be handled over the phone! If they wanted to drive to an office they would have, letting them know you are flexible to the way they do business will show you are dedicated to your clients and willing to work on their terms.

7. Leave an email address! Along with your phone number make sure you are leaving multiple methods of contact so they know when the time comes to contact you they will have someone there ready to help.

8. Tell them how happy they will be to hear from you! Get excited about the quote you are going to present to them and display how easy the process is going to be.

Try implementing one or two of these tactics into your lead dialing strategy and find out what works best for you. Ultimately a call back will result when you leave a voice mail that matches your specific style and highlights your outstanding qualities, but if your standard voicemail message isn’t getting a response then its time to reevaluate. What have you found on your own works best for your agency?

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