Insurance marketing: Defining your strategy and goals

What image do you want to portray via social networking sites?

It's important to know, and to make sure that everyone who is going to be helping you with your insurance marketing and social networking venture knows before you start using the sites, so that you present a strong brand image and a unified message.

What kind of message you present will depend mainly on what outcomes you'd like to see from using social media.

Are you:

  • Just testing the waters to see what using social media can do?
  • Trying to find ways to counter unfavorable word-of-mouth or publicity?
  • Looking to acquire leads so you can make sales?
  • Hoping to provide better service to existing customers?
  • Planning to expand your market share?

All of these are attainable goals through social networking, but each one is conducive to a different audience and different types of social networking sites.

According to Lena West, CEO and chief strategist at xynoMedia, it's important to fit social media into your schedule and marketing strategy. Just trying to cram it in there with everything else you're doing won't work--cut out what's not working and fit your social networking into those spots.

West also suggests scheduling time to do your social networking activity. If it's a priority, you'll put it on your calendar.

Another worthwhile tip from West: Be wary of “experts.” If someone claims to be an expert in social media but it isn't his or her profession, he or she isn't worth listening to.

And even if the expert writes and consults about social media, you can't listen to them all. Pick those you think give the best advice and stick with them, as listening to too many sources will just lead to conflicting ideas.

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