Insurance marketing: When you are one among several insurance agents

In insurance marketing, it is not unusual for your customer to be contacted by several insurance agents. He or she may be uncomfortable, overwhelmed or being pulled in too many directions by agents who are trying to sell him or her a policy. The customer's not sure whom to trust.

You can probably relate to this. We've all been in situations where several people are asking for your time and attention and it's hard to know who to listen to. And in those situations, whom would you have likely ended up listening to? Probably the person you felt the best connection with. The one who seemed the most like you.

Be that person for your client. Tell him or her that you've been exactly where they're sitting and you really could have benefited from someone walking you through the process of making the right decision. Offer to do that for him or her.

Together, list the client's main objectives in buying insurance and chief concerns. What's most important to them? What could he or she live without? Get to the real values.

Then go through a process of knocking out each concern with the policy you offer. Give the customer some options and get lots of input from him or her.

Take it slowly and make sure the customer understands everything. Repeat things if you have to. Explain things in very basic terms. Don't assume the customer automatically knows what you're talking about.

This almost grade-school approach, along with your other efforts to let the customer know you're trustworthy and respected in the community, should ease the customer into believing that you are the insurance agent they've been looking for and make your voice stand out from the crowd of other agents vying for that customer's business.

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