Business Networking: A Good Path to Referrals

As we have mentioned before (“4 Reasons to ask for referrals”), one of the best ways to grow your book of business is by getting referrals. Many agents think that means directly asking clients to ask their family or friends if they might be interested in your services. That's definitely one way to get referrals, but certainly not the only one.

Many of your insurance clients will be professionals themselves.So why not make things mutually beneficial? Attend local meetings, get to know the people there, acquire some business cards and help them get what they want: referrals to their own businesses. Help create a community. You'll get notice as a facilitator and those businesspeople you have helped will want to help you with your agency.

Follow up with people you come into contact with at meetings of the local chamber of commerce or other business organizations. Send them postcards letting them know that you'll tell your own newsletter subscribers or clients about their own services. They'll likely return the favor..

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