4 Tips for a Compelling Newsletter

A newsletter can be a great way to let your customers and others with an interest inyour agency know what's going on with your growing business. But it needs to be an attention-grabber. Here's four ways to make sure you get that attention you need.

•Include updates for anything new or exciting going on at your agency. Don't brag and don't get too into industry jargon here; just tell customers what new things you have to offer them, and how those products or services might benefit them and others.

•Write a personal message. Include a message with your picture directly from you that can add a little bit of a personal touch to your newsletter. Write about something you find fun or enjoyable in your everyday life, maybe sports or cars or cooking. Make sure what you write is inoffensive, but also shows a little bit of your personality.

•Include links to interesting or helpful articles. These could be articles about the insurance industry as a whole, ways to live a healthier lifestyle, car care tips, financial tips, and whatever else you think might be of interest to your customers.

•Use your agency logo.

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