3 More Tips for Errors and Omissions

You Can't Blame the Site

Most social media site user agreements include clauses that indemnify them from any responsibility in the event of harm to a user.

Know Your State Law Regarding Advertising

In many states, Internet advertising is governed under the same law as standard advertising through billboards, radio and TV. There are still some unanswered questions as to what exactly constitutes online advertising -- such as whether a profile page itself is an ad or if it's just an advertising message -- but it would be best for you to assume that everything you do could be considered an ad.

Use Disclaimers

When you give advice or perform professional services via social networking sites, it's important for you to use the standard disclaimers you do for phone and e-mail communication or on your website. Let all your employees know that any discussion on a social networking site must go through a standard process and workflow to avoid potential risks.

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