Yielding Results from YouTube Videos

By John Boudreau

Let's face this fact: videos are a great way to garner natural links to your website, which can help it rank higher in search results. As search engines continue to provide the most relevant results for people searching for information, video marketing can yield viral results (when done right, of course).

This is especially true when utilizing YouTube. Whether you make a five second or five minute video, it is more than possible to get your message across clearly in this format. Adding such a component to your marketing strategy can not only help increase engagement, but turn heads as well. Therefore, you can reach web visitors from different demographics more easily by using this outlet.

Video is a very important component of your online marketing strategy. Why? Because a well-executed video reinforces the value of your brand with customers, can engage prospects more easily, increase the amount of content that is shared from your business, and create valuable links to your site that enhance its overall search results. So how do you develop a video strategy that your whole company can get on board with?

Keys To Video Marketing Success

Patience is key during this process, because there will be a lot of trial and error. It is important that you understand the power of video on the YouTube platform before you can reach a viral status.

A smart video strategy can include the following components, which can be altered based on your industry:

  • High-quality videos should be related to your products or industry. These videos can be used on the permanent pages of your site, in which their primary role is for branding.
  • Guerrilla marketing videos are produced in house. They are usually done quickly and simply. They can be uploaded on YouTube, used as blog posts, or posted on your Facebook page.
  • Educational videos can be turned into a series. These videos require a deep understanding of your marketing strategy. This is because you must understand the needs of your current audience and prospects in order to target them correctly.
  • Curated videos are ones you can post on your social accounts that are made by other people, but are relevant to share with your audience. You will need to make sure you have permission from the author to use it.

No matter which type of video you decide to produce, remember to keep them short and under five minutes long. In today's society, people don't have time to sit around and watch a ten minute video, unless it is a television show. A video that is too long will not garner the results you need in order to go viral. Instead, it will fall flat and may even be boring to viewers. Therefore, for better engagement, make your videos short, to the point, relevant, and entertaining.

If you are not a video producing expert, don't worry. If you have a camera of some sort, no matter how basic, then anyone can access YouTube and subscribe to it, which is the beauty of the platform. As long as you are honest, authentic, and interesting with the content you choose to put in your videos, you will have no problems engaging your audience effectively.

Advanced Video Marketing Strategies To Consider

The final step to making and keeping a video viral is promoting it on your other social media accounts. Statistics reveal that pictures and videos get roughly 100% to 180% more engagement from Facebook users than the average text post.
If you have lots of viewers on a particular video, ask them to share it with their friends and family to broaden your audience and exposure for your brand.

Having a plan for your video marketing strategy before shooting them is the most effective path to take. Remember, videos are more interactive, visual, and sometimes more entertaining than written content. It is all about timing and relevance since the goal is to create compelling visuals that people want to share on their own social media profiles. Ultimately, that is how a video becomes viral!

About The Author - John Boudreau is the CEO and co-founder of Astonish, an insurance marketing and sales platform for local insurance agencies. Astonish collaborates with insurance agencies to provide an optimized online marketing presence, automate tasks with technology, and create an effective sales culture through hands-on coaching. Their platform drives growth in round-outs, retention, referrals, new opportunities, lead conversion, and team performance.

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