Why you should be taking all life insurance leads

As an account manager here at insuranceagents.com I will get a call from an agent who just spoke to a prospect but the consumer stated they were looking for a term policy. They then go on to tell me that its a “waste of time” and that they don’t want to sell a term policy, but more often than not this wasn’t expressed to the prospect they were just on the line with! A consumer who is filling out a form online hasn’t made their decision yet, they are obviously looking for life insurance but the quote application you receive isn’t set in stone! Its up to you to convince them why a whole or permanent policy would be the most beneficial, will this work every time? Of course not, but when you take on that advisory role to someone who has made the endeavor into life insurance then you can guide them to buy the policy you are trying to write. If you are looking at the amount requested on a lead and immediately making your mind up about it being a “waste of time” then you are selling yourself short along with the prospect.  The agents who are successfully using our service for life insurance leads are ignoring the details on a lead form and focusing on getting a person on the phone who is interested in life insurance.

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