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Thank you to all of our followers who have made this year a success. We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and continued success in 2014.

As 2013 drew to a close, we were were busy preparing new sales and marketing resources that are sure to help your business thrive in the new year. Additionally we have some pretty big plans in the works that are designed to greatly improve your efficiency with our service and offer a more robust agent experience for new and seasoned agents alike. Keep an eye out on this blog and our social channels for more information.

Thank you for your interest and have a safe and happy new year!

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Popular Articles from 2013

  1. Insurance Fraud: The $80 Billion Cost of Lying
    Insurance fraud is no joking matter. Each year roughly $80 Billion is lost to unscrupulous people looking to make an easy buck by lying to gain benefit and this is certainly not a crime isolated to just consumers. In this infographic produced earlier this year, we walk you through some staggering facts and figures about insurance fraud in the United States and the impact it has.

    [VIDEO] Check out the Insurance Fraud Video

  2. Creating the Perfect Insurance Agency Mission Statement
    A mission statement is a guiding light for any business and should represent the core values and what it to be expected of the company as a whole. Drafting a solid statement for your agency or business allows you to set the tone for your current employees, new hires, and especially yourself.

  3. The Art of Being an Engaging Presenter
    Effective communication is paramount for success in an industry. After all, as an agent, you are selling something that your client does not get to take home with them so ensuring they grasp the complex insurance concepts can be tricky. Here we break down some effective techniques for presenting on the phone and in person.

  4. Fifteen Strange Insurance Policies
    There's a common known fact that if you have the money to pay the premium, nearly anything is insurable. In this topic, we cover some odd policies taken out by some well known people to protect their assets. From teeth to multiple births to alien abductions, it seems there's a policy for just about everything.

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