Eight Secrets of Top Performing Agents

Bill Whitley's Eight Secrets of Top Performing Agents Beginning Thursday, we are kicking off an eight part series based sales training expert Bill Whitley's "Eight Secrets of Top Performing Insurance Agents". In this series you will learn how the best agents have forged a path to become market leaders, why top insurance agents use creative and applicable stories to connect with clients, and what it takes to create a referral rich environment.

The valuable and powerful concepts, shared in these "Eight Secrets" also reveal, step by step, how to: Attract new insurance clients, develop a better engagement with your current client base, develop long-term relationships with clients that forge personal and company loyalty and trust, communicate the true value of your products, services and personal sales representation, and much more.

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About the Author: Bill Whitley is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and sales force productivity trainer who helps insurance agents become trusted advisors. For nearly 25 years, Bill has leveraged sales training success by creating sales improvement programs for clients such as IBM, Apple Computer, EDS and AT&T, State Farm Insurance, and many others. He is also the author of Eight Secrets of the Top Performing Agents. | www.billwhitley.com

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