Tools to Help Organize Your Insurance Leads

It wasn’t so long ago that the best insurance leads came through word-of-mouth from friends and relatives of satisfied customers. Nowadays, however, technology has made it possible for agents to get qualified leads from around the block or around the world.

So what are the best options out there for independent insurance agents when it comes to making technology work for them? You need to have a solid CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool, not to mention an email and lead management system.

If you worked directly for an insurance company like State Farm, you would be provided with all the tools you need to manage insurance leads and customer relationships. However, as an independent agent, it is up to you to find a tool on the open market.

Here’s a look at some of the best tools to help organize your leads.

  • offers several Cloud-based solutions that insurance agents can use for tracking outreach and response to prospects and customers. There are also tools available for lead scoring, routing and assignment, and for email templates and tracking. The company offers a “Group” plan up to five users can access for just $25 per month.

    As users get more familiar with the service and want to add on tools, such as workflow and approval automation, the ability to send mass emails to clients and custom app development, the price per user goes up. Visit for a free trial of the program.

  • EZLynx is another popular solution for independent insurance agents. This service features a rating engine which allows agents to pull accurate, live rates in real-time and allows customers to get quotes directly off your website.

    The EZLynx Management System allows agents to access each of their customer/prospect quotes, policies and documents in one place and easily manage them from anywhere with Web-based software. There is also a “Client Center” customers can access 24/7 to view the documents they need, and an email marketing program built in. The company will develop agency websites that include seamless integration of all the available tools.

    EZLynx offers a free-trial of the program. You can either sign up for it online or by calling 877-932-2382.

  • Act! is a service that allows users to quickly tap into all their customer/prospect relationship details, seamlessly interact with productivity and social media tools they rely on every day, and leverage integrated emarketing servicesthat take the guesswork out of when, where, and how to engage in business.

    The platform works by seamlessly integrating with the user’s existing Office, Outlook, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in connections to send and track eye-catching emails, trigger follow-ups when called for and even create to-do calendars. Like the other services, Act! also offers a free 30-day trial.

Whether you choose one of these systems or find something else that works well for you, the bottom line is that you need some type of system in place to manage all that’s going on. If you don’t, instead of being worth their weight in gold, all those phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, etc. you’ve taken the time to painstakingly gather may be rendered useless. Don’t let a single one of your insurance leads go to waste. Organize them today!

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