Do You Have An Open Door Policy?

By John Boudreau

Do you have an open door policy at your insurance agency? As a leader in your agency, you understand the value of building solid relationships with your clients, but what about with your agents?

In all companies, every boss has said it: “My door is always open”. But how many truly mean it? With the way the landscape of sales has changed, it is important now, more than ever, that you continue to be a visible presence in your agency for your sales team. Your employees need to know not that your door is always open but instead that you are open to hearing their suggestions, and willing to help them with their concerns. So how can you make that known?

  • Ask questions. Don’t wait for your employees to come to you – go to them.
  • Host employee events. You want to build a community in your agency and have everyone feeling as if they are truly part of a cohesive team.
  • Does everyone believe in your agency and its mission? Find out and make sure you embody it. You are the leader of your insurance agency, this means that it is your job to outwardly portray the spirit of what your agency believes in.
  • Are there concerns about the differing levels of understanding at your agency over policies, sales, or even changes in laws and regulations in the industry? Offer educational resources that can make your agents’ jobs easier.

Asking the right questions allows you to provide the right answers and resources. Don’t wait for your agents to come to you – go to them and give them what they need. As their leader, you know what they need – and if you don’t, get out there and find out!

Having your office door open is only the first step of many. Get out there and get involved with your agency. Don’t forget to talk to the people working in your agency just as often as you talk to your clients – you might be surprised what you will learn. The more time you take to learn the intricacies of what they are dealing with, the more you can be a problem-solver for them.

About The Author - John Boudreau is the CEO and co-founder of Astonish, an insurance marketing and sales platform for local insurance agencies. Astonish collaborates with insurance agencies to provide an optimized online marketing presence, automate tasks with technology, and create an effective sales culture through hands-on coaching. Their platform drives growth in round-outs, retention, referrals, new opportunities, lead conversion, and team performance.

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