NetQuote Announces New ACA Lead Type

It’s no secret that the first ever Open Enrollment under the new Affordable Care Act didn’t go as smoothly as some expected. The launch of was riddled with problems from the beginning which included, among others, site outages and massive budget overages. Since that time, the health marketplace has been slowly evolving under the Special Enrollment Period, wherein consumers looking for coverage under the new ACA guidelines, were required to have a Qualifying Life Event to be eligible for an individual or family health plan.

The next Open Enrollment Period is set to begin on November 15th and is widely expected to be a much better experience for both consumers and agents who serve them. The real question is volume. How many new applicants can we expect? What contingencies are in place to help ensure that insurance shoppers don’t get blocked from signing up?

Open Enrollment = More Health Insurance Leads

Early on, during the Special Enrollment Period, NetQuote embarked on several new initiatives to help agents react to the new ACA health law change but also take advantage of the massive increase in new health insurance applications that are expected during the 2014/2015 open enrollment period. By quickly adapting our regional and national marketing focus and enhancing our consumer application forms with the new ACA guidelines we greatly improved the health leads that we develop and deliver to agents. These enhancements include:

  1. Focused Messaging for Qualifying Life Events (QLE)

    During the Special Enrollment Period, consumers must have a qualifying life event to be eligible for new coverage. In response to this, we improved our interaction with insurance applicants by focusing on specific life events including loss of coverage, change in marital status, moving, and birth of a child.

    By limiting our marketing focus to consumers who have indicated recent qualifying events in these categories, we can deliver a higher of volume of targeted leads for agents who write major medical policies.

  2. Enhanced Premium Health Leads

    Earlier this summer, we updated our Premium Health leads to coincide with new medical underwriting guidelines and the elimination of pre-existing conditions. Because a substantial number of non-qualified plans have been sold during the Special Enrollment Period, this hybrid health insurance lead will accommodate agents looking to sell major medical policies for applicants who are not eligible for subsidies.

  3. A Better Standard Subsidy Lead

    We are excited to announce a new Standard Medical lead type that will give agents access to consumers who’ve indicated they are highly likely to be eligible for subsidies through the new Health Marketplace. This new lead type focuses on applicants who meet the requirements for household size, expected income level (less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), and applicants who are under 65. This new lead type opens up an entirely new source of business for agents, as these are leads that have been filtered out of the Health Exchange since October 2013.

As the health marketplace evolves, and the healthcare industry grows, we are looking to adapt with it by constantly optimizing your experience and access to the tools that help you remain successful. We are committed to offering the highest volume, most relevant, and highest quality leads in the industry.

Take Advantage of the 2014/2015 Open Enrollment

Medicare Insurance Leads – $10.00/lead
+ 11,000 Baby Boomers become eligible every day
+ Applicants are age 64.5 or older
+ Typically more affluent prospects
NEW - Standard Health Leads - $3.00/lead
+ Perfect for On-Exchange ACA Plans
+ Applicants are under age 65
+ Info provided indicates Subsidy eligibility
+ Household income less than 250% FPL
IMPROVED - Premium Health Leads - $6.00/lead
+ Best for Partial Subsidy, and Off-Exchange Plans
+ Applicants under age 65
+ Household income greater than 250% FPL
+ Inclined to purchase higher premium Off-Exchange plans

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