Are you generating leads for the competition?

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Bob Marx is a nationally recognized sales coach and President of MST Selling System. He specializes in the world of Health Insurance sales by sharing mindset’s - strategies and techniques with Agents and Brokers though his webinars, live events and weekly podcast called “Selling More by Talking Less”.

Are you doing everything you can to take advantage of Open Enrollment?

Last year when Open Enrollment rolled around, many insurance agents saw their businesses take off. They were able to load their book of business with new clients creating a robust pipeline that helped them reach their goals and get well earned commissions.

In that same period however, the industry also watched many agents struggle to keep pace with the ACA changes and they faced many challenges in gaining new business. The market in general seemed to hold a ton of potential but few seemed to want to commit to a new policy. Though the reasons may vary, arguably the biggest cause was general confusion about the new exchange in addition to the trouble that plagued the individual state exchanges and that of Now that the exchanges are open, and look to be handling the volume with ease, your time as an agent is ripe to grow your business and make your year end goals.

This got me thinking…

How many health insurance agents have been unable to close more sales because...

  • People won’t or can’t make a decision on the first call.
  • They are caught in an endless game of phone tag.
  • Nothing seems to happen after that initial conversation.

Your "Good Fit" prospects want to know what you know. 

More specifically they want to know “what are my options" and "how much it is going to cost?”

Once they have your information, the only thing that separates you from the competition is the ability to help people get out of their own way and make a decision.

Attend a Free Web Event and Close More Sales.

"CRUSH IT !!!  Strategies To Sell More During Open Enrollment"

What You'll Learn

I will be sharing ideas specifically designed for agents selling Health Insurance.

  • Discover three easy ideas to avoid phone tag and get people to return your calls.
  • Learn two strange, but effective ways to handle email.
  • Get prospects to not only open your message, but respond to it!
  • Avoid hugely common mistakes that cause your emails to be ignored.
  • Find out how to break out of "voice mail jail" by simply changing one thing.

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