Content Guidelines

Our Vision

Our strategy is to bring interesting content to our readers and ensure that each article is of the highest quality–that’s good for you as the author, and good for our readers.

Topic Consideration

Our primary audience is comprised of insurance agents, financial professionals, and small business owners looking for useful and actionable sales and marketing information to help their businesses succeed. We will not publish promotional content.

For topic consideration please look through our site to help understand the type of content we publish and check if your topic has already been covered. We encourage new ideas, however, if you’d like to cover a topic already posted on our site, please let us know your ideas for improving the topic, or a new, fresh angle you would like to promote.

Previously published content will not be accepted unless it has been altered or updated with a new title, introduction, etc... to allow Google and other search engines to see the article as original content. Please also note that content submissions are not a substitute for advertising your company or products. No content pitching your products solely will be accepted and links to products or sites that are promoting an individual business unless approved by will not be accepted.

Formatting and Style

You may submit your content to us in Word or plain text format. When preparing your post or suggestion, please follow these guidelines:

  • Subheadings - Wrap any subheadings in <h2> tags or simply bold them to ensure they stand out as a title.
  • Links - Feel free to link any appropriate text using ‘absolute’ URL’s [ex:] NOT [/article-content.html]. Otherwise, include the URL in brackets directly after the text to be linked. Please do not include affiliate links as we will not include them. We will review and have the right to remove any links in the content submitted.
  • Images - If you’d like to use a specific image, please ensure that you own the copyrights to any images you submit with your content. We do not use author headshots.
  • Length – Post length is generally up to the author however we do request all content submissions to be a minimum of 400 words. We also have the right to and may edit content as needed to encourage better audience engagement.

Author Bio

Your author bio is an important part of your post. Please be sure to include your name and a brief explanation of your expertise, service, products, web site, etc... Author bios should be 175 characters or less. You may include links to your personal site and/or social profiles to reference your experience, but promotional links to other sites will not be accepted.


Upon sending us your content, we generally review all submissions within two weeks. All posts on may be edited as needed to ensure alignment with our audience and to increase engagement for each article submitted. Don’t be offended by this–we’re just looking to make every post as engaging and successful as possible. Occasionally we will send an article back with suggested additions, omissions, or changes for length, tone, or to clarify points.

Article Approval

We love hearing unique ideas however some content just will not resonate with our audience for various reasons. If we are interested in covering your topic, we will typically notify you within two weeks from the submissions date. If you don’t hear back within that time frame, unfortunately it means that we are not covering that topic at that time. We encourage you to submit as many articles as you wish or pitch us several ideas before you start writing.


Upon acceptance of your content we will schedule it's release within our content calendar and email you the link and date it will be live. Most of the time this link will not be active until the content is live. Once your submission is published, please feature your article on your site or portfolio, etc.—the more it is seen within your network and ours, the more people will engage with and read it.