Catering to Your Insurance Prospects

Whether you are new to the insurance industry or have been selling policies for a long time, one thing is for sure: in order to successfully build your business you need to know where to find insurance leads and be good at keeping customers. So where can you find prospects that are genuinely interested in getting a quote?

The easiest way to get the job done is to let the people in the communities you serve know you are an agent who will cater specifically to them. Consider who is in your local community and adjust your approach to their unique circumstances. Here are some strategies for local insurance marketing to insurance prospects that reach various target audiences.

  • Seniors – If there are a lot of homebound seniors in your neighborhood, bring your office on the road. You can get the word out about the services you offer by hosting regular insurance seminars at the various senior centers in town, at city hall, or even in the community rooms at the assisted-living centers.  Another good way to entice seniors to do business with you: offer to come out to their home to answer their questions about insurance so they won’t have to drive to your office.  Don’t show up unannounced however. Only visit a senior’s home if you have been invited.
    Finding insurance prospects through target marketing
  • Professionals – If most people in the communities you serve work full time, offer staggered hours. On some days open early, like at 5:30 a.m. or 6 a.m.; on other days close late, like at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. This way people can get their personal matters taken care of without having to schedule time away from work.  Another way to cater to this audience would be to staff the office on weekends. If you decide to go to all the trouble to change your hours, be sure to get the word out. You can put an ad in the community paper or perhaps have a postcard made and sent to households in the zip-codes you serve.

  • Ethnic neighborhoods – Do a large number of your potential customers speak a foreign language, like Spanish or French? If so, create bilingual materials. You may also want to hire a translator to be available at the office a few days a week and advertise the fact that you offer this service. The local community newspapers are a great place to take out an advertisement. You can typically purchase a small ad for as little as $25 or $50. If you ask, some may even make a mention of your service for free as a community service.

  • Apartment complexes – A recent survey by the Insurance Research Council found that while 96 percent of homeowners carry insurance for their residences, only 43 percent of renters have it. If the communities you serve have a significant number of apartment complexes in them, educate the residents and you’re sure to bring in some new business.

    A good way to reach apartment complex residents is to drop off flyers that can be placed in the mailroom or community room. You may also want to ask management if they would be open to letting you host a free quarterly seminar for residents during which they could get their questions about insurance answered.  If you are able to set a seminar up, make it enticing by serving a snack, or offering chocolates with the name of your company on the wrapper. Be sure to also bring along plenty of brochures and tip sheets. People love takeaways. Lastly, most consolidated communities like apartment complexes have bulletin boards where tenants can advertise to one-another. Place a flyer or some business cards on these to catch the attention of tenants looking to stay connected.

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In the competitive world of enticing insurance prospects, the agent who tailors his approach most carefully to his local demographic profile stands to make large gains. It pays to take the time to really get to know the communities you serve.

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