• 12 Characteristics of Good Lead Generation Sites

    Why are some websites so great at generating leads while others fail miserably? Consider these twelve essential elements of high lead generating websites. Some are quite simple, others more complex, but all contribute to highly successful lead generation for insurance agents.

    Site Design with Leads in Mind

    Successful lead generating sites incorporate design dedicated to lead generation, while also garnering the trust and interest of customers. However, other factors affect success:  

    An easily found …

  • [Infographic] Challenges of National Healthcare Reform

    The Affordable Care Act got off to a rocky start last year during the first Open Enrollment Period, that much we know. The question is, will the new enrollment period starting November 15, 2014 be facing another uphill battle as it becomes flooded with consumers looking to get new health insurance policies on the exchange?

    Reading about the ACA for most isn't exactly exciting material so we put the information into an infographic to help make sense of what has happened over the last year or so during the ACA rollout. …

  • Common Business Metaphors

    The insurance industry usually sets a serious tone but that's because clients are looking for providers to ease their worries when their lives or property are in jeopardy. Luckily there are some common and often overused business metaphors that show the lighter side of the insurance industry. Many of these won't, and some probably shouldn't, be used when speaking with clients, but they help bring levity to everything happening in the insurance world.

    In our latest infographic we highlight a few of the more common …

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  • Sales and Marketing - THEN vs NOW

    SALES - sāls - the exchange of commodities for money.

    MAR·KET·ING - märkitiNG - the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

    The way we communicate offers, promotions, and sell products and services has changed greatly over the last 30 years. Considering that the home computer is still only about 30 years old, technology has greatly enhanced the way we connect with those that might have an interest in what we're selling. Gone are …

  • Successful Tips for Closing Insurance Leads

    Any agent worth their salt knows that generating good insurance leads is only half the battle. You could even get your hands on the "Glengarry" leads but if you're not in tune with what a consumer needs, how to pitch your services effectively, or how to promote yourself as a trusted adviser, you could be missing great opportunities. Check out this whitepaper to learn some industry tips that can help you not only get great leads but close them!

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