• The History of The Annuity and Why It's Making a Comeback

    Annuities provide a great way to ensure financial security throughout life.

    What is Old is New Again?

    Prime time TV is saturated with commercials aimed at senior citizens, extoling the virtues of reverse mortgages promoted by none other than Die Hard 2 actor Fred Thompson (oh yeah he’s also been a Congressman, attorney, and lobbyist) or “The Fonz” (Henry Winkler). In between their promotion of reverse mortgages you might see annuity commercials but few ads pitching annuities get airtime.

    Annuities …

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  • Three Risk Areas Agencies Underestimate

    Insurance agents deal with managing a client risk on a daily basis. Most agents, however, only perceive their own business risk on a theoretical basis. Insurance agencies are businesses, and they face a bevy of risks, many of them non-apparent and some of them downright unthinkable. It is easy to ignore the obvious when protecting others. However, knowing and assessing potential and common risks that many businesses face helps to avoid any surprises, retains your integrity as an owner, and mitigates any negative impact …

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  • How Agents Can Identify Insurance Fraud

    Even though the thief may think they and their insurance agent are the only people affected by insurance fraud, insurance fraud actually costs Americans more than 40 billion dollars a year. And unfortunately, that number is on the rise. Take a look at these signs of insurance fraud, so you can spot them and report it if needed.

    Filing an Unusual Amount of Claims

    This is easily apparent when it comes to homeowner’s or car insurance. If you as the insurance agent notice any strange claim patterns, that is …

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  • Mobile Agent vs. Office Dweller: Pros and Cons

    With the invention of the SmartPhone, it seems like people are constantly connected, 24/7 to new information, advertisements, work, social life and friends and family. The world fits neatly into our pockets. As the way we work and communicate changes, which strategy would work best for your business? Take a look at the pros and cons of being a mobile insurance agent, versus an office dweller and consider if any of these are reasons why you prefer one over the other

    Availability 24/7

    This first point can really be …

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  • Insurance Fraud: The $80 Billion Cost of Lying

    What could you buy with the $80 billion dollars that is lost each year on insurance fraud? – The answer you might be looking for is…a lot!

    However, insurance policy holders and claimants are not the only contributors to this rising problem for insurers. A statistic from the Utah Insurance Department says that nearly a third of doctors “exaggerate the severity of a patients illness to help the patient avoid early discharge from a hospital.” Conversely, 2 in 5 Americans don’t feel …