• Familiar and Famous Insurance Agents

    Did you ever think you recognize an insurance agent, but cannot quite place their face? Did you notice they are wearing a Super Bowl ring, or look like someone you saw on a reality TV series?  Well, you may be doing business with someone famous and not even realize it.

    Tommy Maddox: From Football To Insurance And Back Again

    Ex-NFL quarterback Tommy Maddox, a first round draft pick in 1992, signed on with a team in the throes of a feud between its coach, Dan Reeves, and its starting quarterback, John Elway. …

  • How Automating Your Insurance Marketing Can Help Your Business

    In today's highly competitive insurance market, agents must continually generate new leads as well as retain existing clients to succeed. It's not enough to rely on word-of-mouth referrals and automatic renewals. Successful agencies use a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract and nurture potential buyers and cultivate long-term relationships after the sale. 

    Marketing activities, however, are labor intensive and time-consuming. Most agencies employ a lean workforce, making …

  • Advanced Insurance Agencies That Are Getting Marketing Right

    Long gone are the days of mailing hard copies of generic marketing materials to generate business. In some instances, even making cold calls aren’t as common anymore to the modern insurance agent. Advanced insurance agencies use specific techniques to ensure their name, brand and web presence are on top of consumers’ radars. They do so by utilizing email marketing and social media, sticking to the S.P.U.R. strategy, and offering helpful and resourceful marketing materials instead of just stating their …

  • How to Determine and Analyze Customer Touch Points

    Over the past few years, research has shown that a positive customer experience plays a decisive role in the financial success of a company — witness the proliferation of consumer experience analytics tools and scores. Most agencies don't need complex programs and costly consultants, however, to measure their performance. The key is in identifying and optimizing customer touch points. 

    What Qualifies as a Touch Point?

    Too often, it's easy to get blinkered and consider only the obvious customer …

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  • Creating and Managing an Effective Brand

    Rebranding is truly a “no guts, no glory” proposition. The process carries inherent risks, but done correctly, it offers a slew of future benefits.

    Top 7 Reasons Why Companies Re-Brand

    Informing consumers about a shift in business model (a merger, buy out, or change in business form)

    Reaching a different audience demographic

    Making over dated branding to be friendlier, streamlined, and simpler

    Distancing a business from a bad association

    Entering a larger marketplace (global, or even just a larger …