• A Closer Look at Insurance Agent Jobs

    Upon graduating from high school or college, most people don’t think to immediatley look for insurance agent jobs or other indistry related careers, even though it can be a very lucrative business. You don’t necessarily need a college education or degree, and can still receive up to $48,000 a year or more, depending on the agent’s success at gaining and maintaining clients. There’s the possibility of travel to meet clients, an ever changing landscape, opportunities to meet and work with all …

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  • How to find out if your website is mobile-friendly (and what to do if it's not)

    The Mobile Revolution has been picking up speed over the last 18 months. In fact, two major recent events should cause every insurance agent to step up his or her mobile game.

    The first milestone represents an epic shift online:

    In 2014 mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage, according to a recent comScore study.

    More people now use their mobile devices to go online than their computers.

    Wikipedia describes a mobile device as “a small computing device, typically small enough to be handheld and …

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  • An Intersection of Crowdfunding and Insurance

    A simple explanation of crowdfunding (a.k.a. crowdsourcing) according to Wikipedia is “is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.” The concept is nothing new and the way people and businesses are using it are always changing. Since the concept has been around for quite a while there are now hundreds of crowdfunding platforms in existence.

    What is Crowdfunding?

    Think of it as financing for the underdog, providing funds to …

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  • Benefits of a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter Designation

    Jake Lang

    Jake Lang is the founder of AssociatePI. He has been through the CPCU and Associate in Personal Insurance process and now focuses on providing enhanced study methods and content to help those preparing for their exams.

    What is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter?

    There are a number of worthwhile insurance designations in the property casualty insurance industry to help employees advance their career, but only one that is considered the premier property casualty designation. The CPCU, or Chartered …

  • History of Annuities and Why It's Making a Comeback

    Annuities provide a great way to ensure financial security throughout life.

    What is Old is New Again?

    Prime time TV is saturated with commercials aimed at senior citizens, extoling the virtues of reverse mortgages promoted by none other than Die Hard 2 actor Fred Thompson (oh yeah he’s also been a Congressman, attorney, and lobbyist) or “The Fonz” (Henry Winkler). In between their promotion of reverse mortgages you might see annuity commercials but few ads pitching annuities get airtime.

    Annuities …

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